Rubber Spool/Pipe Expansion Joints

Bi-State Rubber offers expansion joints for most all industrial plants; flue duct expansion joints as well as expansion joints used in piping systems. Bi-State Rubber expansion joints are used in utility or process systems to help control vibration or thermal movement. Our expansion joints primarily use elastomeric material that are resilient, that not only control movement, but also can reduce noise and vibration. We design these expansion joints to be easily installed and be the most cost effective way to control movements through various styles, configurations, and elastomeric materials we have available. The information here is intended to give more details on Bi-State piping style expansion joints as well as connectors and pinch valve sleeves used in these piping systems.

Bi-State piping connectors and expansion joints can be designed to be used with most any process fluid or slurry. In addition to expansion joints and connectors these systems may also have pinch valves used to regulate flows. These pinch valves may use a elastomeric sleeve similar to a pipe connector that can be squeezed partially closed to restrict flow. Bi-State can be of service on these elastomeric sleeves as well as expansion joints and connectors.


 Expansion Joint – BSR-SJ 
The industry standard spool type expansion joint is available with 0 to 4 arches depending on movement requirements and 3 standard pressure ratings in a variety of elastomers. These expansion joints can be adapted to the most unusual or difficult applications. Available options include: filled arches to eliminate settling of solids in the arch, Teflon™ liners for severe chemical service, soft cuff ends for slip on installation, and concentric and eccentric tapered for connecting different pipe sizes.

BSR-SJ Spool Type (2 Arch)

1/4″ thru 144″

BSR-EJ Eccentric (1 Arch)

Sized To Application

BSR-CJ Concentric (1 Arch)

Sized To Application

BSR-OJ Slip On

1/4″ thru 24″


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