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Bi-State Rubber offers a full line of fabrics for air slide, live bottom silos and aeration pads. In addition to various fabrics Bi-State Rubber can be of help on wire mesh products sometimes used on top of the fabrics to ease impact or under the fabrics for support. Our fabrics can be furnished for various applications and conditions. We offer fabrics that are constructed using the newer needled technology and specially fabricated for Bi-State Rubber or that has been offered in time honored tradition of woven construction.


Advantages of Bi-State Rubber needled polyester PL-TT-5 Air Permeable Fabric


  • Consistent air permeability ensuring even flow of particulate.
  • Significantly increased lateral rigidity – will not stretch once installed. Bi-State Rubber’s PL-TT-5 uses a stronger skrim ply than anyone else in the industry, which insures no stretch but also is extremely tear resistant.
  • Superior abrasion resistance, giving extended operating life.
  • Fabric will not fray, crack or “run” during or after installation.
  • Low area weight combined with high strength.
  • Rot and mildew resistant.
  • Cost effective.
  • Reduced installation times because of ease of cutting and drilling fabric.
  • Curved sections may be neatly cut.
  • Non-woven construction resists binding.
  • Slabs can be readily slit to any width with no heat sealing required.


Bi-State Rubber, Inc. also offers a complete line of wire mesh products for your air slide systems. Click here for more details.


* See also, Solid Woven Air Slide & Wire Mesh/Screen
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