Flexowell Guide Wheels

Special “all rubber” designed guide wheel for use on incline and vertical pocket belt conveyor systems. The rubber wheels won’t damage the belt free lateral area as would metal guide rollers which are commonly used. Designed by Flexowell.

Flexowell Guide Wheel Flexowell Guide Wheel

Contact Bi-State Rubber for any of your replacement pocket belt needs. We fabricate the Flexowell brand belt for the North American market. Please see our website at www.dbroilertest.com or call us at 636-349-2388 for additional fabricated or distributed items.


Guide Rollers

After an optimum belt adjustment the FGR 220/6 guide rollers shall be positioned to apply a slight pressure to the belt edge to ensure occasional rotation. This applies for every installation (carrying and return strand) with stub or carrying idler support.

Types of Guide Rollers

For proper belt guiding the arrangement of min. 2 roller pairs per section is absolutely important. Spacing between the roller pairs min 3 x Bw.

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