Flue Duct Expansion Joints

Molded Corner Flue Expansion Joint

Molded Corner Expansion Joints

One of the major problems connected with fabric expansion joints has been the tendency to fold or pucker at the corners. The use of radius corners, on the order of 6″ to 8″, does relieve the problem somewhat, but it still remains. It is important to remember that one of the...     

Composite Expansion Joints

As the name suggests, composite-type expansion joints are used in situations where elevated temperatures or unusual accumulation problems prevent standard materials from being employed. Traditionally, metal joints have been used in these applications, but modern insulation techniques have...

Polymeric Expansion Joint Material

Polymeric, or “rubber”, expansion joint materials are the oldest and most widely used of any material available. These materials have excellent strength, flexibility, and have superior abrasion resistance to the attack of fly ash and other particulates.   They are much lighter...

Bi-Tef Flouroplastic Expansion Joint Material

The Bi-TEF family of expansion joint materials is designed to handle the widest range of temperature and chemical conditions of any fabric expansion joint material on the market today. The basic textile component is a monofilament fiberglass cloth woven under the most demanding...

Rubber Spool/Pipe Expansion Joints

Bi-State Rubber offers expansion joints for most all industrial plants; flue duct expansion joints as well as expansion joints used in piping systems. Bi-State Rubber expansion joints are used in utility or process systems to help control vibration or thermal movement. Our expansion...

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

Bi-State offers a wide range of metal expansion joints. Pictured below are several examples that depict our range of expansion joint products. Please contact us with your requests or for additional information.     Single Unrestrained The most fundamental of expansion...

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