Conveyor Belt Skirting Systems

Polyurethane Skirting Products

Benefits of Urethane Shirting:

  • Made of Argonics’ proprietary Kryptane polyurethane formula
  • Available in MSHA-approved Front Lineflame retardent urethane for underground and coal handling use
  • 8-10 times the wear life over rubber
  • 60% lower coefficient of friction compared to rubber, which reduced drag on conveyor motor
  • Will not groove your conveyor belt

KS01 Standard Urethane Skirting

KS01 Standard Urethane Skirting

Argonics’ KS01 urethane skirting started the trend toward urethane as a skirtboard solution. KS01 skirting fits into any other manufacturers’ existing skirtboard clamping systems on the market today, as well as Argonics’ own Wedge-Loc clamp, making it a snap to replace your old skirts.

Snap-Loc Dust Seal

Snap-Loc™ Dust Seal

Snap-Loc is the standard for dust containment skirting. This straightforward, no-nonsense design for dust control snaps into standard unistrut railing that can be bolted or welded into place.

A single pin at the tail end of the conveyor holds the skirting in place and the natural travel of the conveyor belt tensions the skirting, so there is no need to readjust it, saving you hours in maintenance costs.



Fold-n-Seal gives you the best or both worlds: material and dust containment in one unique solution. The primary seal keeps the material where it should be – on the belt. The secondary seal keeps dust and particulate material under control.

Made with Argonics’ high performance Kryptane polyurethane, Fold-n-Seal will outlast rubber dual seals an average of five-to-one.

Load Zone Containment Skirting

Load Zone Containment Skirting

Designed to do one thing and to do it well: contain material at the transfer points on your belt line. Extra-rugged reinforced design with 1/4″ steel insert. Available with either a straight or 20° beveled edge, in 60″ and 96″ lengths. Varying heights and thicknesses available.



Wedge-Loc is designed to be easy to install and adjust. Simply stitch weld or bolt into place, install your skirting, drop it to the belt, then knock the wedges to lock it down.

Use Wedge-Loc to replace your old busted or worn-out clamping systems and install your choice of skirting: Fold-n-Seal or KS01.

The Wedge-Loc frame is made of 12-gauge galvanized steel and the clamping utilizes a stainless steel-to-brass thread contact, coupled with a cast aluminum wedge to ensure continuous operation in the most corrosive and abusive environments.

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